This is our way to express our gratitude to the people worldwide that have contributed to the project with personal experience, technical expertise or maybe a piece of code. Thank you all!
In alphabetic order:

Name Organization Currently based in Contribution

Ali Ayubu Kalufya COSTECH, Tanzania Tanzania Accepting Dr.H.M.Twaakyondo to be the owner of Kiswahili l10n
Asmo Koskinen OpenOffice, Finland Finland Tracked bugs in KiPot-1.1
Bill Kendrick New breed software USA For Tux Paint
Camilius Sanga Tanzania Grading our first IT Glossary
Christine Mwase DSM Institute of Technology Tanzania Grading our first IT Glossary
David Fraser Sjsoft South Africa Translate tools
Dwayne Bailey Translate South Africa Answering endless amount of issues
Fredrik Lilieblad IT University Sweden Perl scripts to handle glossaries in HTML
Iñaki Cívico Campos Independent Consultant Spain #C .NET programming. Spellcheckers
Jason M.Githeko ICT Center Egerton University Kenya Initial wordlist for Jambo Spellchecker
Javier Sola KhmerosOS Cambodia Support in OpenOffice XML Locale
John Popplewell Freelance Computer Consultant UK Win32 Tux Paint build
Juma Hemed Lungo University of Oslo Norway Grading our first IT Glossary
Kevid Wood Nanoblogger USA Weblog engine
Kevin Scannel Saint Louis University USA Wordlist for Jambo spellchecker
Kiggundu Mukasa KYM-NET LTD. Uganda Mirroring Jambo in Uganda
Martin Benjamin Yale's Kamusi Project USA Online Swahili Dictionary
Pavel Janik OpenOffice l10n Coordinator Czech Republic Support with OOo build system
Santiago Botana Nodo50 Spain Helping with mirroring this klnX site
Stanislav Visnovsky Czech Republic Helping us debugging problems with Kbabel 1.2 and Dictionaries
TIX: F. Habicht, S. Sheriff and B. Sangiwa. Tanzanian Internet Exchange Tanzania Fixing our local mirror in Tanzania
Yassin Mshana Consultant Malawi Grading our first IT Glossary