April 02, 2012 4:51 PM

Kilinux Team is planning to continue with FOSS Localization

Kilinux Team is in the initial process of planning on how it will continue with Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) localization after most of its members returned back from their studies and they are ready to continue with the project. The team is also planning to conduct training on how to carry out FOSS localization to the students from Department of Computer Science and Engeneering.

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December 12, 2005 11:28 AM

Localization Training in South Africa

The Kilinux Team attended the Localization Training which was held in South Africa
from November 28, 2005 to December 2, 2005. This Training was prepared together by
Translate.org.za (Open Localization Project in South Africa) and Kilinux.udsm.ac.tz (Open Localization Project in Tanzania).

The main objective was to give Training the Kilinux Team of all the necessary
technical and language skills required for the localization process. The training was lead by
the staffs from Translate.org.za

The Kilinux Team learned the following things

  • Localization tools.
  • CVS (Current Version System).
  • Building OpenOffice.org.
  • Glossary Development.
  • Sustainability of Free SoftwareLocalization Project.

For more information click Here..

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October 04, 2004 6:18 PM

The klnX project also mirrored out of Tanzania

The non-profit Content and Service Provider Nodo50 has kindly offer to host a mirror of our Open Swahili Localization Project. Visitors of the website out of Tanzania will be redirected automatically to the mirror abroad.

Nodo50 was funded back in 1994 in Madrid (Spain) and is currently providing services to more than 800 non-profit organizations. Special thanks to Santiago Botana, for working remotely with us during the setup.

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September 28, 2004 9:22 PM

Kilinux Info

Karibu kwenye tovuti ya Kilinux (klnX)!
klnX ni Mradi wa Kuswahilisha Programu ya Linux ulionzishwa na muungano kati ya Chuo Kikukuu cha Dar es Salaam na Kampuni ya Kiswidi IT+46.
Mradi huu umeundwa na timu ya wataalamu kutoka katika Idara ya Kompyuta na Taasisi ya Utafiti wa Kiswahili, Chuo Kikuu Cha Dar es Salaam. Kusudi na jitihada za mradi huu siyo tu kubadili programu huria kwa lugha ya kiswahili bali pia kuwafahamisha wazungumzaji wa Kiswahili faida ya kutumia programu huria.Mradi huu unafadhiliwa na Chuo Kikuu Cha Dar es Salaam na Shirika la Kimataifa la Maendeleo la Kiswidi (SIDA).

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September 28, 2004 9:17 PM

Short Intro to klnX

Welcome to the Kilinux (klnX) website!
klnX is an Open Swahili Localization Project started by Department of Computer Science (DoCS) in collaboration with staff from Institute of Kiswahili Research (IKR) and College of Engeneering and Technology (COET)
The project has gathered a multidisciplinary team composed by members of the Department of Computer Science and the Institute of Swahili Research. This pioneering effort does not only aim to localize free and open source software to the Swahili language, but also create awareness among swahili speakers of the benefits of using and extending open source software.

This project is supported by the UDSM and the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA).

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