September 22, 2004 10:33 PM

Swahili IT Glossary

We are working with the english-swahili IT Glossary. The first glossary contains over a thousand IT terms in english that need to be translated to swahili. Part of the methodology that we have adopted for the creation of the glossary is to take the necessary time to explain each of the IT terms to our panel of swahili linguistic experts. In order to find the best translation, an average of 4 minutes per term is spent to reach a satisfactory consensus.

Most of the technical work in this phase of the project concentrates in migrating existing glossaries to GNU gettext format. Different sources of information has been integrated into Poedit, an open source frontend to gettext.

We have also migrated the work done by the Microsoft Community Glossary Initiative to what we understand is a real open format that does not require any one to register via Microsoft Passport or be at least 18 years old to contribute.

All the glossaries including the result of our discussions will be posted in this website soon. Any feedback about the terminology is very welcome. We will place all the glossaries in multiple formats with the aim of facilitating your feedback and contribution. We will provide anyone with a mechanism to edit and suggest changes without the need of constant access to the Internet.

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