September 23, 2004 11:15 PM

Microsoft IT Glossary Proposal needs open review

This file contains the first version (20040923) of the Swahili Community Glosssary that Microsoft has released in their website.

According to Microsoft's project description, their Community Glossary project for Kiswahili is the result of the work of free volunteers world wide. The project provides an online forum to help create a standardized glossary of IT terminology for the 'Kiswahili language' (in just eight weeks!).

Unfortunately the forum requires volunteers to register within their controversial Passport system and for some oscure reason to be at least 18 years of age.

We beleive that such an important task, as the creation of an IT Glossary for the Kiswahili speakers, can not be done if the information is not easily available to those who have a poor Internet connection. As the result of this beleive and our commitment to create an adequate IT Glossary we have converted Microsoft's Kiswahili Glossary to GNU gettext, an open format designed to minimize the impact of internationalization on program sources.

We want to notice that while our main goal is to localize open source software for the majority of Kiswahili speakers, we are trying not to ignore the Kiswahili regional diferences. It is our concern that the methodology that Microsoft has adopted which includes restricted access to their proposal and the assumption of an universal Kiswahili language might not be adequate. For example, two volunteers out of 75 registered in their online forum has contributed with more than 90% of all the suggestions.

We encourage any kind of corrections and suggestions to both Microsoft and the KLNX team. We suggest that you download the glossary and send your changes and comments after processing the file with the cross-platform and open source program poedit.

Meanwhile, we are working hard in our first release of the glossary, that we will share with you soon. Join us in the discussions! All the efforts will be part of a free and open source software available to anyone.

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