September 30, 2004 7:28 PM

Volunteers for review of IT Glossary needed!

We are aware that creating a Kiswahili IT Glossary is not an easy task and that is why we are puting a great effort in our first official release.

Our methodology can be summarized in three phases:

  • During the first phase (August 2004) a selected list of IT terms were sent to our panel of Kiswahili experts. To encourage discussions, the members of the panel were requested to work with the list of terms separately.

  • The second phase consisted in compiling all the different inputs from the panel into a database. With the help of the database and other auxiliary online resources, we have had a set of face-to-face meetings where the terms where discussed in the presence of computer scientists. Our multidisplinary group composed by an average of ten people has spent a total of 30 hours in face-to-face meetings.

  • The last phase before a broad release of the IT Glossary to the public domain consists in requesting a small group a "grading" of our proposal.
Before posting our Kiswahili IT Glossary we are looking for a limited group of volunteers that are willing to "grade" each term of our proposal. We are seeking kiswahili speakers familiar with computers (no necessary experts) that are willing to spend a total of two hours during the first week of October 2004.

We will provide them with the list of english-kiswahili terms and request to grade them. After collecting the results we will identify which terms deserve more attention.

Help us! Contact Alberto Escudero by e-mail for further details: All the work of the klnX project will be released freely to the public domain.

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