July 14, 2005 9:28 AM

Jambo OpenOffice at the 29th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair

In the 29th Dar es salaam International Trade Fair the Kilinux Team had an
opportunity to demonstrate the 1st ever release of a swahili version of OpenOffice.org 1.1.3
called Jambo.

Many people from inside and outside Tanzania get suprised when they meet with this kiswahili
program and appriciated the effort of the Kilinux Team to localize Free and Open Source
Software into kiswahili. Most of them took the software and other took the website link so
that they can download Jambo OpenOffice straight from it.

People were very interested to use this new software because it will not only simplify their
work but also reduce the time to do it. The work will be efficient especially when it comes
to the issue of preparing documents, presentations, reports, drawings etc. based on kiswahili
language which is the most useful language in East and Central Africa and other parts of
the world. People also understood the advantages of using free and open source software than
closed software. Most of them were not aware with the Free and Open Source Software.
They promised to come at the department of Computer Science to see what is going on and to
take the software too.

Other people from East and Central Africa also took the software, some people from Europe
e.g Germany, Belgium, etc. and U.S.A they said that they are now using jambo openoffice in
their countries. The Kilinux Team thanks the people for accepting kiswahili programs and
promises to continue the localization process until full swahili operating system comes
into existance.

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