28th of February 2005, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

     Install Jambo OpenOffice.org (Windows)

These release notes describe how to run the Jambo OpenOffice 1.1.3 setup wizard and install
Jambo OpenOffice on single computer running Microsoft Operating System.

To install a new copy on your computer, do the following steps:-

   1. After dowloading the compressed(zipped) folder of Jambo OpenOffice for Windows,
      click zipped folder 'OOo_1.1.3_Win32Intel_install_sw' for Swahili language and then
      double click the unzipped folder appeared

   2. Then click the executable setup icon

   3. Follow the instuctions that appear in your screen

After gathering the required information, The Jambo OpenOffice Setup Wizard completes Installation.