November 23, 2004 9:41 PM

Localization Tools Development!

Today, 23th November 2004 we are proud to announce the release of four tools that aim to help the localization of free and open source software. The tools are released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

  • KiPot 1.1 : KiPot is a discussion tool developed to support the localization of free and open source software. KiPot is an online discussion board that enables the communication between technical and linguistic experts. The tool aims to facilitate the development of new glossaries.

  • KiChapa 0.1 : KiChapa is a Multilingual Search-Engline based on OpenOffice 1.1.3m47 localization work. KiChapa is a front-end to a relational database that contains every string that has been translated in OpenOffice 1.1.3. The current version supports: English, Spanish, French, Swedish and German.

  • KamusiTZ 0.1 : KamusiTZ is our first mirror version of Kamusi Project Internet Living Swahili Dictionary, based at the Yale University Council on African Studies. KamusiTZ is a light-weighted implementation of Yale's Swahili Online Dictionary. KamusiTZ 0.1 is currently implementing search and data syncronization functionalities.
    More info:

  • IkakiSpell 0.1 : Ikakispell is a client-server software that allows a third party application to spellcheck a word or a set of words against a Microsoft Office 2003 dictionary. IkakiSpell is composed of a Win32 C#/VB .NET Server (ikakispelld) and a Perl Client (ikakispellc).

    Although the tools has been designed to satisfy our special needs at the Open Swahili Localization Project, we have put special effort in a clean design to allow other localization efforts to reuse and extend our code.

    Special acknowledgement goes to Iñaki Cívico Campos for his C#, VB .NET work with ikakispelld and Louise Berthilson for her PHP work with Kipot, Kichapa and KamusiTZ.

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