November 25, 2004 8:39 AM

Jambo OpenOffice build10 internal release!

Today, we have made a new internal build of OpenOffice. This new internal version, namely Build10, has been released for the Free and Open Source Software training at the Swedish Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

This is the last internal release until our public release launching in early December. Some stats about Build10 status follows:

Completed 2395 out of 3036 S-Writer strings (80%)
Completed 12762 out of 18080 strings (70%)
Completed 93 out of 174 .PO files (53%)
Completed 7165 out of 14044 unique strings (51%)

Note about the stats: What we mean by 'Completed'?: The files has been translated by a member of the localization team and peer-reviewed by an external person with expertise in computer science and Swahili.

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