December 12, 2004 7:32 PM

Jambo OpenOffice Installer also in Swahili!

The latest build (Build17) includes a complete Installer in Swahili. This is our last public release in 2004. As in the previous version (Build16) we are including the swahili spellchecker with 70.000 words and a swahili Tanzania locale that allows to include native Tanzanian symbols as TZS, TSh (Shilingi ya Tanzania) or KK (Kabla ya Kristo).

This release contains 142 out of 177 PO files (81%) and 15730 out of 18080 strings (87%).

This release is dedicated to our dedicated KlnX PO-Team. Special thanks to Mr. Abdulla Ally, Mr. James Chambua, Mr. Jimmy Mbelwa, Mr. Ulrick Mkenda and Mr. Kennedy Mwakisole for working with more than 15.000 english strings! And to Mr Mturi Elias for accepting the challenge of reviewing the translations and coordinating the team. To all of them, Asante sana!

To download the latest version check the Download section

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