The Kilinux Team attended the Localization Training which was held in
South Africa from November 28, 2005 to December 2, 2005. This Training was
prepared together by (Open Localization Project in South Afrrics)
and (Open Localization Project in Tanzania).

The main objective of this Training was to give Trainig the Kilinux Team of
all the necessary technical and language skills required for the localization
process. The training was lead by the staffs from

The figure below shows the timetable of the Training.

Localization Training at South Africa
Training Program
DayMorning (08:00-12:00)Afternoon (13:00-17:00)Evening (19:00-23:00)
MonIn depth with the translate toolkit. Looking at various converters but focusing on moz2po and oo2po. How to use pomigrate to move from one set of POT files to anotherThe translate toolkit for error checking. Looking at pofilter, pomerge and poconflicts to help improve the quality of translated material 
TueBasics of CVS. How to use CVS to checkout, updateand commit workPreparation for building. Help in setting up the ooo-build environment to begin building 
WedCompling OpenOffice.orgCompling 
ThuFree, ShoppingMore Advanced CVS. Looking at creating diffs to see what has changed. Looking at importing large amounts of existing work Pointer to further readingFurther Translation Techniques. A professional translators input on translation in general
FriSpell checker. How to use the spell checker framework. Finding missing words. How to include this inthe build framework.Sustainability . An examination of potential sustainability models to support Free Software translation. 

The Trainers were: