Kilinux Project was one of the projects from Tanzania that participated
in the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
in Tunis from 16th November to 18th November 2005. The summit involved
detailed discussions and plenary sessions. More than 300 parallel events
were organized by more than 250 organizations and a number of press
conferences that were open to all participants (more than 19,000) from
all around the world.

The objectives of the summit include how to build a people-centred,
inclusive and development oriented Information Society so that people
everywhere can create, access, utilise and share information and
knowledge to achieve their full potential and to attain agreed
development goals and objectives. Therefore the intention is to tackle
the problem of the “digital divide” and to utilize the potential of
ICT to facilitate development goals especially in developing countries.
Other key issues that led to the Tunis summit were Internet governance,
financing strategies and implementation mechanisms for the Action Plan
developed in the first phase of WSIS in 2003, in Geneva.

In the Tanzania National Pavilion that was located at stand No. 1104,
in the Research and Innovation quartier of the Kram PalExpo, the main
exhibition hall in Tunis, klnX team had a chance to showcase Jambo
and Jambo Mozilla Firefox as real-life experiences
in using ICT for the benefit of all. Projects that were showcased in
the pavilion were clustered around 5 key attributes, which include:

Regardless of daily showcasing of each project in the pavilion, Programme
of Tanzania Events at the ICT 4 All Exhibition at the WSIS in Tunis was
categorized in two. The two main events were Tanzania High-level Panel
on 16th November from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in room Bizerte and Tanzania Day
on 17th November in room Expo3.

To support the Summit, Tanzania hosted a High-level Panel of executives
involved in shaping the policy, regulatory, reform, and investment
environment for Tanzania Information Society. There was also the Tanzania
Day with themantic and interactive workshops, followed by national
reception held by the head of Tanzania's Delegation, and a multimedia
perfomance in “The Central Place”.

The visitors/organizations who promised to co-operate or work with klnX
in Open Source Software Localization activities or similar work. These
include Mike Eberhardt (Market Development Manager) from Sun Micro-systems,
Jonathan Miller (chairman) from ICDL organization and Eberhard Blocher
from East African Home Pages and others who offered klnX team some software
to assist in localization work. These include Babylon software and Ubuntu
Open Source Software.

Other visitors include Thiago Novaes and Leandro Fossa from Digital Culture
of Ministry of Culture (Brazil) and Fernanda Scur (media pruduction
development communication strategies) who spent two months in Tanzania
aplying qualitative research in a project called “Connect and Learn” as part
of her Masters.

The WSIS summit which is refered to as a Summit of Solutions, was a great
opportunity for the project and the nation in paving a way for ICT projects
in their activities and in supporting Tanzania's development. Tunis is not
the end of the road for WSIS, hence Tanzania as a developing country should
turn the principles and Action Plan in to actions in order to achieve desired
objectives and goals.